Branch in a Box

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As technology has become the heartbeat of daily business operation, it is critical that the backbone of that technology, your infrastructure, be property secured and maintained.

The once common standard of running cables, mounting patch panels to walls and cross connecting cables to server, is now frowned upon by security and IT professionals because of the security and infrastructure health issues it creates.

At Htx Services we have a new approach to infrastructure, housing that gives the attention to security and health your infrastructure deserves by providing it a self contained, secure, organize, and monitored solution.

Branch in a Box

Branch in a box is not simply a consolidation of technology. It is an entire ecosystem, beginning at the box, based on design and implementation methods and layouts built around years of experience and research.

Cable Management Experts

Before Cable Management
After Cable Management

Placed on top of cabinet for most efficient and strongest signal.

Cable Patch Panel

Placed at the top and front facing easy access, simplified servicing, and easy identification of Porto to the device. All cables are identified and all cables placements and routes are intentional and purposeful.

Network and Monitoring Blades

Placed centrally for clear visibility, ease of reading display panels and signaling lights.

System Blades

Placed near the bottom to be most effective cooling and easier serviceability for maintenance and upgrades.

Our Solutions Provide You

Locked and secured

Internal power monitoring

Internal temperature monitoring

Internal humidity monitoring

Door intrusion alarmed

Water intrusion alarmed

Organized serviceable front panels

Connectivity redundancy

Power redundancy


HTx Services is always ready to respond to your specific needs with integrated maintenance and support programs designed to resolve your technology issues and provide our customers the time to focus on their business.


Our corporate office is in New York, located close to Manhattan. We have staff all through the country, including two strategic hubs in Los Angeles, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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